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October 29, 2008

The Cold Reality of Fitting Room Service

by Marge Laney


“Retailers often confuse customer service with one-on-one personal attention. In fact, the more innovative the program, adding quicker customer service technologies, the more likely a customer is to remember and revisit a store.” – Store Manager, Victoria’s Secret, NYC

Everyone’s been there. You’re cold, half-naked and alone, and you’re wondering where your clothes are. You step outside in search of solace to find three other partially-dressed women in the same predicament. Sound like a nightmare? Unfortunately, it’s a reality, and it’s happening in retail store fitting rooms every single day.

Shopping just shouldn’t be this hard or this scary. All we’re asking for is a little customer service and one size bigger in the jeans with the gold stitching on the back pocket. Instead, we’re forced to leave the jeans undone, put our sweater on backward and sprint around the store barefoot, or resign ourselves to the more likely scenario – calling this shopping trip a loss and leaving empty-handed.

Frankly, it’s time all the self-respecting shoppers took a stand against fitting room abuse. For an industry that prides itself on forward thinking and cutting-edge ideas, there is no reason we should have to put up with this any longer. The worst part is, there is a solution to our problem, and it’s been around since 1996. So why are we still subjecting ourselves to this?

Get turned on…

Bringing the retail experience into the 21st century one store at a time, Alert Technologies pioneer, shopping enthusiast and pro-fitting room service activist, Marge Laney, has already had success with Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle and Gap.

Her system is specifically designed for each store, but with you (the customer) in mind. Just imagine: You’re trying on a dress, and it doesn’t zip, leaving you, well… indecent. You press a button from INSIDE your room, and the associate is notified you need help. You don’t have to open the door and expose yourself, and you don’t have to wait. Plus, you won’t get bothered with that startling rap at the door when you don’t need help – like when you haven’t even had time to take your shoes off.

It’s time to demand an upgrade. It’s simple. If stores don’t turn you on, they turn you off.


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