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October 29, 2008

Fitting Rooms that Sense the Occupant and Improve Customer Service!

by Marge Laney


Coming to a Retailer near You . . .

The Limited and Victoria’s Secret have something new in common! Coming in mid-November the The Limited’s new concept store in Polaris Fashion Place, in Columbus, OH and the new Victoria’s Secret Flagship at 58th and Lexington Ave. in NYC will roll-out the new Smart Button Fitting Room Occupancy technology by Alert Technologies!

At Alert Technologies we have pioneered technologies to help connect the most important people in your store – your customers – to the associates that are there to help them. We are continuing our development of transformational technologies with the roll-out of the Smart Button Fitting Room Occupancy System for fitting rooms.

Using advanced sensor technology as well as cutting edge programming, we are able to determine the amount of time customers spend in your fitting rooms. This information can be provided, at any interval, to store managers and corporate leadership and used as a performance indicator, as well as a store planning tool. The system delivers fitting room occupancy data by fitting room by hour. There is no doubt that customers who are visiting the fitting room are far more likely to be converted than the customers that merely browse. Now, using our occupancy detection and reporting system, selling initiatives can be implemented to optimize the customers you have in your store and improve margins.

The Smart Button Occupancy system doesn’t stop at giving more visibility of the in-store operation to management. It also provides associates with a valuable tool for handling a chaotic area of the store. The fitting room area often leaves associates uncertain, constantly wondering which fitting room is occupied, which has not been cleared of merchandise, and who needs assistance. The Smart Button Occupancy system eliminates the confusion and replaces it with an easily understood “at a glance” status report of the entire fitting room area. Each fitting room shows that it is occupied, vacant or occupied in need of assistance. Not only are your associates able to provide skillful service to more of your customers, but they are left feeling more satisfied in their ability to handle that busy fitting room area. Plus, customers are happier too!

Alert Technologies offers products that are hardened “real tech.” Our systems stand tall in some of the world’s largest retailers and perform flawlessly for decades without missing a beat. Any system we create is customized to fit each individual retailers needs. Customers are demanding real customer service, and retailers are looking to make staffing more effective. Alert Technologies products improve Customer Experience Scores, UPT’s, and ADS, and provide your associate’s tools that help them give the service your customers demand and provide them greater job satisfaction.

For more information about the Smart Button Occupancy System or other Alert Technologies products, please contact us at 800.366.8742.


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