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January 16, 2009

Fitting Room Call Buttons and Occupancy a hot topic at National Retail Federation Retail’s BIG Show in NYC

by Marge Laney



Alert Technologies would like to thank all of the terrific retailers, attendees, consultants, and sponsors that joined us at our booth at Retail’s BIG Show 2009 in New York City! We are excited to see the strong movement towards enhanced fitting room customer service and enhanced fitting room area awareness.

On display at the show was our newest fitting room occupancy system which marks occupied fitting rooms as well as fitting rooms in need of clearing. The system also allows retailers to finally know exactly how much time their customers are spending in the most powerful sales area in their stores, the fitting rooms!

Staffing was a common topic among all retailers this year at the BIG Show. Many of the executives discussed their need for leaner staffing while still making vital connections with customers. We are proud to have a solution that allows their in-store teams to optimize their customer service while reducing off peak staffing. One of the great quotes I heard from a retailer was “…it’s such a simple system, but the implications are huge.” They were dead on. Whether it’s an extremely busy holiday weekend, or a surprise power hour in the middle of the week, the Alert Technologies Real Time System allows the store to serve more customers more effectively and increase KPIs.

The Alert Tech booth also hosted the Digiop team as we move towards our vision of unified counting, customer service, and security for specialty apparel retail. Not only does Digiop’s Visual Analytics fit in as the “eyes of the store” but in conjunction with the Alert Technologies system it allows real time alerts on the floor when there has been a sudden surge in customers, or if a queue is forming outside the fitting room area. “This is going to be a major step forward in large retailer’s ability to execute their strategies across all of their stores “ said Marge Laney President of Alert “If a retailer feels that a surge of customers entering the store at the same time is best handled by changing coverage or emphasizing fitting room use, this is a way for them to ensure that is happening in all of their stores.”

2009 is poised to be a great year for Alert Technologies and regardless of the negative forecasts for the retail sector there will be those who take this opportunity to connect with their customers show them real value for their shopping dollar. Those retailers will be the ones gaining market share and differentiating their brands in this passing economic environment.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our system! We can be reached at, or 800-366-8742.


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